Week 7: Word of the Week – “Sisu”

So this word’s meaning I found quite unexpected. Such a little word, with such a strength of meaning … “Sisu” Strength of will, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity, regarded as qualities and attributes of the Finnish people.

Week 6: Word of the Week – “Ogham”

This one made me want to chant ‘Oggy, oggy, oggy. Oi, oi, oi!’ As ever, my immediate association was way out ….. “Ogham“ A mode of speech used by the ancient Irish

Week 4: Word of the Week – “Socko”

It’s week 4 of challenge #53. This one made me think of my time living in Australia. Knowing the Australians’ innate ability to streamline a word to it’s shortest form whilst sticking an ‘o’ on the end, my immediate thought was it was Aussie slang for a game of soccer. But alas, I was wrong…

Week 3: Word of the Week – “Noosphere”

Here we go, it’s week 3 of Challenge #53 and it appears I have a thing for ‘oo’ sounding words ….. Noosphere The part of the biosphere occupied by thinking humanity. Any the wiser? No me neither. A concept that emerged in the early 20th Century, the definition goes on …. (With reference to the…

Word of the Week – “Salubrious”

Challenge #53 calls for me to expand my vocabulary and learn a new word every week. I recently stumbled upon my husbands Twitter bio, where he described being married to the ‘Salubrious Mrs T’! I quite liked how it rolls off of the tongue, but knowing my husbands penchant for compliments, he could well be…