Getting my Spook on – Challenge #36

Mangled, blood caked hair frames a smeared face. Her head encased in a Saw-like lethal puzzle contraption. The strobe crazed picture flashes before me in disorientating slow motion. So slow, I think she may be a dummy. But, on the third head thrust she breaks free, flailing to the floor and grabs at my leg….

The Gravedigger

Last weekend I met a gravedigger. He was my first … that I know about anyway. My dark, macabre side immediately surfaced, digging for black humorous tales of burials gone wrong. Instead I was confronted with the sad tale of how he dug his very last grave when he buried his mother. It passported me…

Week 7: Word of the Week – “Sisu”

So this word’s meaning I found quite unexpected. Such a little word, with such a strength of meaning … “Sisu” Strength of will, courage, and resilience in the face of adversity, regarded as qualities and attributes of the Finnish people.

No Pain, No Gain – Challenge #55

The sweet taste of lollipop was a wimpish distraction to the needle sharp stabbing against the crease of my neck. Sucking up both the sweetness and the pain, I am determined to show resolve, despite my age lowered pain threshold. All this to tick off challenge #55. I’d wanted another tattoo for a long time….

Fact and Fiction

Challenge #11 calls for me to complete a fiction writing course. I have this secret desire to write a novel one day, but I suffer from self-doubt created writers block before I’ve even started. In an attempt to practice my creative penning skills, I’ve joined a short online course with FutureLearn. Over the next few…

Week 6: Word of the Week – “Ogham”

This one made me want to chant ‘Oggy, oggy, oggy. Oi, oi, oi!’ As ever, my immediate association was way out ….. “Ogham“ A mode of speech used by the ancient Irish

5 is the Magic Number

The bittersweet undertones of the number five could not be underestimated last week. Five challenges I’d wiped the floor with, the buzz of success muted by the scales being 5 lbs heavier last Sunday. A celebratory consequence of doing so bloody well – out popped the bad habits. Thankfully, a week of redemption later, the…