Fact and Fiction

Challenge #11 calls for me to complete a fiction writing course. I have this secret desire to write a novel one day, but I suffer from self-doubt created writers block before I’ve even started. In an attempt to practice my creative penning skills, I’ve joined a short online course with FutureLearn. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting bits of fiction as part of my studies. So here is writing assignment number 1……

This assignment calls for a short paragraph (50-100 words) which contains 1 fact and 3 fictions. Then to turn it on its head and write a second paragraph with 3 facts and 1 fiction. I’m not going to tell you which one’s which, where would the fun be in that. I’ll leave it up to you to guess.

I’m jolted back to reality. Our deep conversation about the merits of vampires opposed to werewolves, rudely interrupted. I’m quite perturbed by the fact my husband seems to think vampires aren’t real. But beyond comprehension, is how my friend can think bedraggled dogs are more attractive than beguiling bloodsuckers.

I have a fascination with angels. It started when I was a child. The Sunday worship bore alleviated, as I watched the stained glass light spots dance across angelic sculpted cheeks. The purity of the statue gazing down at me stirred some magic, which still simmers to this day.

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