5 is the Magic Number

The bittersweet undertones of the number five could not be underestimated last week. Five challenges I’d wiped the floor with, the buzz of success muted by the scales being 5 lbs heavier last Sunday. A celebratory consequence of doing so bloody well – out popped the bad habits. Thankfully, a week of redemption later, the scales have swung back in my favour and the downward weight trajectory is back on track.

The good news …. following four weeks of angelic purpose and hard nosed dedication, the following challenges have been accomplished:

  • Challenge #8 – exercise every day for a month
  • Challenge #13 – detox from alcohol for a month
  • Challenge #20 – give up bread for a month
  • Challenge #39 – give up McDonalds for a month
  • Challenge #81 – make bread from scratch (come on I’d just given up bread for a month. It had to be done!)
My homemade Spelt bread

Many of these challenges were about introducing better habits into my life. Regaining control and reminding myself that my habits are a slave to me, not me a slave to my habits. I was never going to be teetotal forever, after all where’s the fun in that. Nor would I be able to forego a McDonalds breakfast bagel for eternity. Balance is key – something I’ve never been very good at.

Running is getting easier

So what have I learnt? Wine makes me sluggish and demotivated. Bread makes me bloated and gives me cravings. I have so much more energy and time on my hands for eating better. Exercising is fun and it makes me feel better about myself. I use alcohol as a de-stresser, but long term it becomes counter productive (I think it might be time for challenge #52 to kick in). And when I have a hangover, whole days get written off. I say that through the tired brain of someone who drank far too much last night and has been reminded how nice it’s been not drinking.

So what’s next? Well next week I’m scheduled in for my tattoo (challenge #55 ). Ive just booked a Zombie Infection Experience (challenge #27) and the Hinchingbrooke House of Horrors (challenge #31). Oh and Ive applied to volunteer and run at Rat Race Dirty Weekend next May (challenge #5). That’s just a few to get on with … Ive got the bug.

The weight journey so far …..

Start Weight: 15 st 6 lbs

Current Weight: 14 st 2 lbs

Weight lost to date: 1 st 4 lbs

Goal Weight: 11 st

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