The Chocolate Cake Hangover

Last night I had a little visitor. Perched on my shoulder, he whispered sinful nothings into my ear. I have non-affectionately named him the ‘Chocolate Cake Devil’ and in the weak moments of a late Sunday evening, his words of sabotaged encouragement did evil and I caved in. ‘Just one little forkful won’t hurt’. ‘Go on, just a little taste’. Like Eve in the Garden of Eden, the sinful food passed my lips, the velvet chocolate melting in my mouth. One forkful led to a second, a second led to a third and the rest of the cake was history.

This is exactly why I try to keep my kitchen free of temptation. But with a 7 year old in the house, this isn’t always possible. The Chocolate Cake Devil took form in the body of my mum and sent the remains of a rather delicious looking Belgian chocolate cake home for my son. When he decided he didn’t like it, I should have promptly tipped it in the bin. But I didn’t, and that was my downfall.

This morning, I am paying the price. I awoke with a heavy lack of energy and a thumping head, feeling like I’d gone a few rounds with a bottle of vodka. The worst thing, I hadn’t even had the fun of the vodka! I guess my body, which is becoming increasingly used to fresh healthy food, is protesting. Pounding the streets on an extra long run this morning, I feel flagellated, the sins partially expelled.

It’s been an eye opener. How can a piece of cake make me feel so rough? Imagine what all that processed food was doing to my insides previously.

The best of intentions inevitably come with the odd slip up. I’m back on the wagon today, determined yesterday was a minor blip that will not railroad my good progress. So with the cinema this afternoon, my ‘Good Food Warrior Angel’ is fully armed, ready to blow any ‘Popcorn Devils’ right out of the stratosphere.

The good news …. despite the blip, the scales are down another 3 lb this week. Whoop, whoop!

Start Weight: 15 st 6 lbs

Current Weight: 14 st 3 lbs

Weight lost to date: 1 st 3 lbs

Goal Weight: 11 st

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