The Strange Symptoms Continue

Peering at me through quizzical eyes, after my third affirmation that there is no wine in the house, eventual realisation mists over her irises – I am actually being serious. A Friday night of socialising, after a long week of work, and I’m not drinking. Thankful for supportive friends, if there had been wine in front of me at that moment I would have caved. But my friend’s willingness to accept a glass of squash saved me at the final hour. In all truth, I’m not that bad a hostess – I’d sent forewarning of my sobriety and I’d received confirmation that my friend would be accompanying me in my good habits for the evening. It appears she wasn’t entirely convinced I would follow through. Socialising without alcohol is serious unchartered territory, but navigate it I did. And you know what, it was just as much fun. With the added bonus that I didn’t fall asleep part way through the night after a few too many glasses of vino plonko and I awoke the following morning with a fuzz free head, feeling fresh as a daisy. Turns out that not drinking has some benefits, but I’m still missing it a bit.

2 weeks into my 8 week whole body makeover, I’m miraculously still going strong. Let’s just recap on what that means for my current challenge status……

  • 2 weeks with no caffeine (Challenge #86 complete);
  • 2 weeks into a month of exercising every day (Challenge #8);
  • 2 weeks into a month of no alcohol (Challenge #13);
  • 2 weeks into a month of giving up bread (Challenge #20); and
  • 1 stone closer to reaching my goal weight (Challenge #2 ).

That’s not bad going. 2 more weeks like this and I’ll be ticking off 4 more challenges from the list. I’m feeling a little smug.

My strange symptoms are embedding, but the big one this week is my appetite stabilising. Gone are the constant food cravings and the obsession with my next feed. So much so, I’ve found myself on occasion forgetting to eat. Strange looks were abound when I sat at my desk munching my lunch at 5pm the other day. Talk about role reversal, I’m now having to remind myself to eat, rather than remind myself to stop eating. But there’s something quite refreshing about food and alcohol not dictating my life.

I’ve found myself plodding the streets at unearthly hours, kicking some BodyCombat butt and shaking my booty to Les Mills Dance videos. Anything to get at least half an hour activity in every day and not set the 4 week stopclock back to day one. It’s been a great way to make sure I keep exercise as a priority.

So comes the end of week 2, which can only mean one thing. It’s weigh-in day. Eeeeek. When the drum roll stops, the scales land on another 2lb lighter. A far less drastic drop than last week, but I’m feeling more toned in myself. Technically muscle and fat do weigh the same, but as muscle is more dense it takes up less room. Interesting fact time, apparently 1 lb of fat is the size of a small grapefruit and 1 lb of muscle is about the size of a tangerine. So the scales may be more reserved this week, but if I’m building muscle instead of fat, technically that means I’m shrinking. Hey, that’s my logic anyway.

Start Weight: 15 st 6 lbs

Current Weight: 14 st 6 lbs

Weight lost to date: 1 st

Goal Weight: 11 st

I’m excited for what next week will bring.

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