Doctor, Doctor – Something Strange is Happening to me

1 week into my 8 Week Whole Body Makeover, something very strange is happening to me. Off I trotted on a kebab run errand for Mr T, willing my willpower not to fail me. As I stood amidst the luscious greasy meat smells of the kebab shop, I suddenly realised something. I had no desire to eat a kebab! The idea actually turned my stomach. But it doesn’t stop there … I’ve not had the urge to pop into Tesco en route home for a bottle of wine. Nor have I done a double take when I’ve driven past a McDonalds Drive Thru in the mornings. The Queen of Junk Food appears to have been abducted by aliens and replaced by some strange species who sprinkles hemp seeds on everything and rather likes spinach. My wine has become sparkling water. My chunk of cheese is now a handful of almonds, and my slice of bread is now some crispy Kale. I know, I’m a bit worried about myself … maybe I should call the Doctor?

Doctor, my symptoms are a lack of cravings, increased energy, exercising daily, meditating, clearer skin, losing weight and meal prepping. This is serious isn’t it? I’ve even been colon cleansing (hell I’m gain for anything if I can shed a few pounds). My bank balance is healthier – long gone are the Starbucks coffees, bottles of wine and ‘on the go’ lunches. But the most worrying thing …. I think this could be the genuine start of forming some good habits. Is there any cure?

In all seriousness, some good habits are well overdue. I know my motivational stamina can be my downfall, so I’m not counting my chickens before they’ve hatched. But I’m feeling great and I’m eager to see how my body continues to transform over the next 7 weeks.

In my one of my earlier posts, I promised you a weekly weigh in. I started at a slightly inflated, post Disneyland, 15 Stone 6 Pounds. Today, I am rather amazed with a whopping 12lb drop to 14 Stone 8 Pounds. I’m not expecting next week to be so drastic, but if the scales keep heading in the right direction I wont be complaining. Bring on that bikini – Gran Canaria here I come!!!!!

P.S. 1 week on a detox diet also means 1 week off of caffeine, so that’s challenge #86 complete.

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