8 Week Whole Body Makeover

I’d been so good since Christmas. The gym had been beckoning me at the break of dawn and my body was on a journey to feeling happier, healthier, lighter and more toned. Then, about a month ago, the self sabotage gene kicked in – the little devil in my head spurring me on to snooze for that extra hour in the morning, to scoff that extra slice of pizza! The self-discipline continued to unwind and I’ve been slipping back into bad habits.

It’s time for action! But in typical Cazza fashion, I don’t like to do things by halves. Plus, I’m on an 8 week countdown to get bikini body ready for Gran Canaria. So what does that call for? An 8 week detox transformation programme I hear you say?! And a chance to strike a few off the challenge list in one foul swoop….

  • #8 – Exercise every day for a month
  • #13 – Detox from alcohol for a month
  • #20 – Give up bread for a month
  • #39 – Give up eating McDonalds for a month
  • #52 – Meditate at least once a week
  • #86 – Give up caffeine for a week

… and hopefully start chipping away at #2 – Get to my goal weight of 11 stone.

The lure of Facebook advertising unusually got my attention on this occasion. Clicking on the link, I was expecting an extortionate request for money to pop up, but was pleasantly surprised when I was asked for a donation of what I could afford. Whether it was a genuine ethical tack or a cunning marketing ploy – it swung it for me. So here I find myself subscribed to an 8 Week Whole Body Makeover

I’m two days in. Living on a diet of largely greenery and water, my stomach could probably sprout it’s own vegetable patch. I wish I could say I’m feeling revitalised already, but instead I’m bunged up with cold, the phlegm a barrier of immunity from any early positive diet effects. I’ve nearly killed myself running yesterday and prancing around to aerobics this morning. If that wasnt enough to finish me off, the revolting green breakfast smoothie sure was. But I’m feeling motivated and eager, so I’ll be following my daily lessons and meal plan semi-religiously over the next 8 weeks.

So here we go. I’m being super brave sharing my starting weight. But even braver than that, I’ll commit to a super-public weekly weigh in (published on my blog) over the next 8 weeks. Wish me luck!

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