Out with the old ….

The new and improved 101 challenge list is in town, but we shouldn’t forget the old and miss a chance for a stroll down memory lane. Reflecting on my old list from 2014, it became apparent that I’d inadvertently scored a few more personal goals over the last few years. So here’s the unwitting final position …..

1. Run 1000 miles in 2014 – FAIL

2. Lose 5 1/2 stone – FAIL. I lost a couple of stone, then put it on again, then lost it again!

3. Run my first marathon – FAIL. Although I trained for the Brighton marathon the training got too much, I got injured and I had to pull out in the end.

4. Get a psychic reading – COMPLETE. And now I want another one.

5. Run a half marathon in under 2.5 hours – FAIL. I ran a couple of half marathons (Mablethorpe and the Great North Run) but my time for both was around 3 hours.

6. Do 10 proper pull ups in a row – FAIL

7. Run 5km in under 30 mins – FAIL. It still takes me about 40 mins ….

8. Make ice cream from scratch – FAIL

9. Take my son on a plane for the first time – COMPLETE. We flew to Portugal last summer.

10. Save £1,000 – did I heck! FAIL

11. Do Dirty Weekend Rat Race – COMPLETED May 2015. It nearly killed me, but I did it.

12. Complete every obstacle on an obstacle race – FAIL

13. Read a newspaper every day for a month – FAIL

14. Give up alcohol for 4 weeks – MASSIVE FAIL

15. Make Pannetone from scratch – FAIL

16. Get debt free – FAIL

17. Run an ultra – FAIL. I think I was being a bit stretching with this goal. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

18. Go away for a weekend with no kids – COMPLETE. We had a weekend to Yorkshire in March 2014.

19. Enter a short story writing competition – COMPLETE. I entered Spinetinglers in 2014.

20. Get rid of the dry skin on my feet – COMPLETE. Well they’re as good as they’re ever going to be.

21. Ask 20 friends to suggest one book and read them all – FAIL.

22. Teach my so to ride a bike with no stabilisers – COMPLETE

23. Don’t eat McDonald’s for 4 weeks – FAIL. What can I say, I’m an addict!!!!

24. Take a course in creative writing – FAIL. I started an e-learning course but never completed it.

25. Pay all my bills on time for a month – COMPLETE. I have formed a good habit here.

26. Have a girls night out once a month for 3 months – FAIL

28. Go a whole week without an argument – COMPLETE. Did I mention my husband was away from home at the time? I’m only joking!

29. De-clutter the house and keep it pristine for a week – COMPLETE. Moving house and downsizing proved a great opportunity to seriously declutter.

30. Wash the carpets – COMPLETE

31. Buy a Karcher window cleaner and use it once a week for 8 weeks – FAIL. I got the window cleaner, it just never got its weekly outing.

32. Have sex at least once a week for 4 weeks – COMPLETE. This one was fun!

31. Take my son swimming once a week for 8 weeks – FAIL

33. Get my son to ride his bike to and from nursery everyday for a week – FAIL

34. Walk everywhere for a week – don’t use the car at all – FAIL

35. Buy a bike and start cycling – COMPLETE. I still have the bike but there isn’t much cycling going on at the moment.

36. Take part in an adventure race (running, cycling and kayaking) – FAIL

37. Enter the lottery every week for 6 weeks – FAIL

38. Win a prize – COMPLETE. I won a medal hanger. Whoop whoop. Shame it wasn’t the lottery.

39. Get toned arms – FAIL

40. Get a massage – COMPLETE

41. Get a micro-dermabrasion facial – COMPLETE. My skin was glowing.

42. Don’t eat bread for a week – COMPLETE

43. Do arts and crafts with my son 3 times per week for 3 months – FAIL

44. Spend 10 mins every day with no distractions playing with my son on the floor for 4 weeks – FAIL

45. Get my wrist tattoo touched up – FAIL. I’ve got used to its imperfections.

46. Buy myself a new wardrobe when I get to target weight – FAIL

47. Sponsor a child – COMPLETE. I sponsored a child from Senegal via World Vision.

48. Take a trip down south to visit friends at least once a year – FAIL

49. Take my son on a proper train – COMPLETE. We went to London on the train for a day trip.

50. Make a meal from scratch with my son and sit down to eat it together – FAIL

51. Stick to a set budget for a month – FAIL

52. Don’t put the TV on for a whole day – COMPLETE. I actually do this fairly regularly now.

53. Get a dog – COMPLETE

54. Don’t eat any processed food for 3 weeks – FAIL

55. Do 10,000 steps every day for 4 weeks – FAIL

56. Take my son to Disneyland – FAIL

57. Buy a second car – COMPLETE

58. Run an obstacle race with Janine – COMPLETE. We ran the Avalanche run in 2014 and then the Inflatable 5km in 2018.

59. Beat Janine in a race – FAIL

60. Do a detox diet – FAIL

61. Have a running gait analysis and buy a proper pair of running shoes – COMPLETE

62. Take a fitness course – FAIL

63. Plan and book all my races for 2014 – COMPLETE

64. Plan and book all my races for 2015 – COMPLETE

65. Plan and book all my races for 2016 – COMPLETE

66. Clean the oven once a month for 4 months – FAIL

67. Learn to touch type – FAIL. I did start an online course and I’m one step closer to touch typing, but I’m not quite there yet.

68. Set up a blog to document my 101 challenges – COMPLETE

69. Update my blog at least once a week – FAIL

70. Use the Zombies Run app twice a week for 8 weeks as part of my running training – FAIL

71. Run at a pace of 6.5 min/km – FAIL

72. Do an aerobics class once a week for 3 months – FAIL

73. Go to a cooking class – FAIL

74. Join a running club – FAIL

75. Climb an indoor rock wall – FAIL

76. Do 100 sit ups a day for 4 weeks – FAIL

77. Take my son to the zoo – COMPLETE. We went to Woburn in 2016.

78. Take my son to Bewilderwood – COMPLETE. We went in 2016.

79. Go ice skating with my son – COMPLETE. We’ve done this a couple of times now, including at Windsor winter wonderland in 2017.

80. Write another guest review for Mudstacle – COMPLETE. The Fat Knackers Guide to OCR was published 12/3/2014

81. Do at least 10 obstacle course races – FAIL. I’m running at about 7 … so close!

82. Try skiing for the first time- FAIL

83. Be on time everywhere for 2 weeks – FAIL

84. See a Cirque du Soleil show – COMPLETE. We went for a girly night to see Cirque back in 2015.

85. Give up caffeine for 3 weeks – FAIL

86. Give up fizzy drinks for a month – FAIL

87. Donate blood – FAIL

88. Take my son mini-golfing – COMPLETE. He’s a bit obsessive about mini-golf nowadays.

89. Have a cinema trip once a month for 4 months – FAIL

90. Make some new friends- COMPLETE. I started a new job back in 2015 and have made some good friends along the way.

91. Go for a run with a friend – COMPLETE

92. When my son starts school, join the PTA – COMPLETE. Though I didn’t last long!

93. Try out barefoot running trainers – FAIL

94. Visit 3 UK cities that I have never been to before – FAIL

95.Go to a street dance class – FAIL

96. Try kick boxing – FAIL

97. Perform 5 random acts of kindness – FAIL

98. Learn a new word a day for a month – FAIL

99. Get my handwriting analysed- COMPLETE. I did a self analysis which was quite fascinating.

100. Donate £2 for every uncompleted challenge to a charity – FAIL

101. Celebrate with a glass of wine – I’ve had lots of celebratory glasses of wine over the years … does that count?!

On my counting, I make that 37 completed out of the 101.

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